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Leverage our lead generation and appointment-setting services to amplify your sales opportunities.

About Us

CBI -X  marketing firm focused on achieving results. Our unwavering commitment to deliver useful tools that use digital marketing to propel business success. The market nowadays is unbelievably sophisticated and easily accessible. The development of technology has given businesses access to a wider range of avenues for connecting and exploring their target consumers. Thus, prospects for digital marketing tactics were made possible with the use of technology.

We will provide a 24/7 quality support for everyone and immediately assign a support person that will work for you.

We will reach prospects and potentials through multiple channels and different ways as soon as possible.

Our team is composed of young and talented professionals which is ready to work for your company needs.


Solidify Your Sales Process: Capture top buyers, nurture them into warm prospects, and speed up your sales cycle with our effective tools.

Lead Generation & Appointment Setting

Our team employs strategic methods to connect with key decision-makers, ensuring your sales team focuses on warm leads to enhance conversion rates.

Account-Based Marketing

Tailored strategies aimed at delivering powerful messages to your ideal B2B clients, resulting in higher engagement, acquisition, and retention rates.



Elevate your B2B engagements with our customized event marketing solutions, enhancing industry relationships through strategic planning and coordination.

Events and Webinars Promotions

From pre-event marketing to post-event follow-up, our experts handle all aspects to ensure your event reaches the appropriate audience and achieves significant impact.

Why Choose Us

Proven Track Record

Worked in the same industry for decades and know how to help B2B companies get exceptional results with our sharp marketing strategies. 

Customized Approach

Collaborate to identify your goals, target group of the audience and analyze how we can approach it using our strategies.

Expert Team

Our team of experienced marketers, designers and copywriters specialize in their fields.

Results-Driven Solutions

Results-Driven Approach: Our outcomes are not mediocre. We always strive for results that outperform your expectations and deliver tangible business growth.


Tailored Lead Generation and Sales Development Services crafted to suit your Industry's unique needs.

Information Technology

Elevate your IT offerings with targeted lead generation solutions, fostering creativity and innovation.


Enhance your software's success with effective lead generation strategies, securing clients eager for innovative solutions.


Establish vital connections within the rapidly evolving telecom industry through effective lead generation.

Healthcare and Medical

Navigate the medical marketplace with precision, targeting key stakeholders through dedicated lead generation.


Steer your manufacturing business in the right direction with systematic lead generation, identifying suitable partners and clients.


Accelerate financial growth with strategic lead generation, attracting clients seeking comprehensive, reliable financial solutions.

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About Us

CBI-X: Pioneering advanced digital marketing solutions for today's tech-driven business landscape.



  • Lead Generation & Appointment Setting
  • Account-Based Marketing
  • Events Marketing
  • Events and Webinars Promotions
  • Information Technology
  • Software
  • Telecommunication
  • Healthcare and Medical
  • Manufacturing
  • Financial
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