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Our Company

CBI-X is a B2B marketing company, founded in 2004, that offers a host of sales and marketing services. Partners can avail of our lead generation, appointment setting, event marketing, and account-based marketing solutions. Our targeted prospecting campaigns consistently deliver qualified sales leads and opportunities to your funnel. With our services, you always exceed your marketing and sales goals.

Our expertise covers a wide range of B2B verticals, and we have years of experience deploying our proven multi-touch and multi-channel approach. We also use proprietary data resources along with our full suite of marketing tools to help you drive growth and revenue for your business.

We plan and manage results-driven marketing programs

Reach and engage your target buyers in any market

Keep potential customers moving through your funnel

Shorten your sales cycle with maximized efficiency

Our Data Resources

CBI-X guarantees the accuracy and timeliness of our data.

Our 15 years of experience has enabled us to build a large in-house database of over 44 million business contacts from several companies across the world. Our highly-targeted marketing campaign lets you reach and engage more prospects for your own business. Our full-time staff of 300 data specialists regularly collects, validates, and updates each database record to give you data you can use immediately.

of experience

Business Contacts

Data Specialists

Our Technology

CBI-X empowers your sales force to sell more efficiently with HubSpot. Using HubSpot’s array of tools, your sales team can engage prospects at a deeply personal level, receive notifications for every interaction on their sals emails or documents, automate nurturing, book more meetings faster, and more.


Our Customers

CBI-X has successfully completed 10,000 marketing campaigns, and we’re still going. No matter the size of the company, from startups to Fortune 500 organizations, and no matter the industry or geographic area, CBI-X provides sales and marketing services and solutions to all businesses.

Our Achievements

CBI-X has earned multiple accolades in its 14 years of helping B2B companies grow. We have consistently earned recognition from the marketing industry, as well as won multiple awards as a top marketing agency in the world.

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