Account-based Marketing

Build personal connections with all key decision-makers in a company with account-based marketing (ABM)

Put your offer in front of high-impact buyers

CBI-X’s multi-touch, ABM solution combines inbound and outbound channels to provide support and guidance for all stages of your ABM program. Our campaigns, which we develop and execute, cover the four crucial stages of the process:


We bring your attention and focus to high-value accounts by identifying the target companies with the highest potential of becoming your customers.


Then, we build complete, accurate, and up-to-date profiles of the individuals who will be making the big decisions so that you can gain an in-depth understanding of the target accounts you will be contacting.


This is where we go and reach out to each of our identified decision maker. We use the right combination of personalized outreach and digital touch points.


Our process does not stop simply at contacting stakeholders. Our process also includes nurturing our contacts, and following up on each interested decision maker. We help our clients complete the transition from prospect to paying customer.

Gain multiple entry points into an organization

By connecting with, and engaging, different company contacts, we help you gain better coverage, thus, improving your brand’s visibility across your target account’s org chart.

Shorten long sales cycles

Influence the key people that impact the purchase decision for your offer. By engaging in relevant and hyper-personalized conversations with the right decision-makers,  we qualify the best opportunities faster and help you close more deals in a much shorter time.

Leverage every channel. Connect with your future customers before your competitors do.

From the first touch point up the lead hand-off, our interactions with prospects take place across multiple marketing channels. This ensures that we get better reach rates which improves our chances of converting them into qualified leads and appointments.

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