CBI-X Doubles Sales Opportunities for Managed Cloud Firm with ABM-Focused Campaigns

Marketing-qualified Leads


Qualified Appointments


Accounts Touched



Appointment Setting


Manufacturing, Distribution, Banking, Insurance


Ohio, New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Washington D.C., Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, California, Florida


CIOs, CTOs, CFOs, CEOs, Managing Directors

The Client

  • Industry: Managed Cloud
  • Location: Austin, TX
  • Headquarters: Austin, TX

The Client is a managed cloud solutions provider based in Austin, TX, specializing in adapting specific services to enterprise with needs in the security, middleware, and database aspects of their operation. Primarily, the Client works with organizations in particular industries that need to navigate complicated requirements and regulations.

The Challenge

The Client, already a proven reliable managed cloud solutions provider based in Austin, TX, with Fortune Global 500 customers worldwide, recognized the need to reach more potential customers in their home country. They decided to expand their market presence by identifying over a dozen U.S. states and launching an intensified campaign to increase its market share in these states.

The Client had already made some progress in their expansion program through the use of their newly launched ABM program. After implementing the ABM program for a full year, the Client has netted 100 candidate strategic accounts into their pipeline. Despite this progress, the Client knew that their present funnel numbers would not work without scaling up their campaign. They eventually decided that, in the program’s second year, they would apply a tiered approach in selecting accounts.

This tier-based ABM strategy segments accounts into two tiers. The basis for tiering is how well potential customers match the Client’s target profile. The tiers are:

Tier 1 Accounts: Companies that best match the target profile, requiring hyper-targeted, market-of-one engagement

Tier 2 Accounts: Companies that may still need targeted and personalized messaging but not necessarily direct communication with Client sales reps—these accounts also consist of two sub-segments, based on industry

The Client knew they had to give exclusive focus on selling to the Tier 1 accounts. To do this, the Client reached out to CBI-X to manage the top-of-funnel activities for the Tier 2 accounts.

The Client and CBI-X decided on these goals prior to launching the campaign:

  • Engage more quality target accounts in Tier 2
  • Identify all relevant target decision makers in each account
  • Contact the decision makers and lay groundwork for the Client’s reps to convert prospects and close sales

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