CBI-X Needed Only 12 Months to Close $175K for Managed IT Firm

Delivered New Contracts


Qualified Appointments


Appointments per Campaign



Appointment Setting


Mining, Construction, Manufacturing, Transportation & Public Utilities, Wholesale Trade, Retail Trade, Finance, Insurance, Real Estate Services


Boston, GA, USA & Sydney, AU Metropolitan Areas


Owner, Office Manager, IT Manager, Finance Manager


  • Industry: Managed IT
  • Location: Atlanta , GA, USA and Sydney, AU
  • Headquarters: Boston, GA, USA & Sydney, AU Metropolitan Areas

The Client is a managed IT services provider with a branch office in Sydney, AU, and is headquartered in Atlanta, GA. It caters to SMEs, based in the Atlanta and Sydney metropolitan areas, which may be in need of procurement, consultancy, technical support, project management, cloud management, and other IT services.


CBI-X has been a long-time partner of the Client, having worked with them since 2017. The strategic marketing partnership that the two companies have built since then has ensured the Client’s consistent success in reaching key business milestones.

In the course of their collaboration, CBI-X has become an extension of the Client’s marketing team, and has been responsible for planning and executing targeted outbound prospecting campaigns, designed to fulfill the Client’s growth objectives and revenue goals. The Client’s first two campaigns with CBI-X increased  awareness of their expanding array of managed services and acquired customers from the SMEs in the Atlanta metropolitan area.

Since the Client has added new services such as IT advising and cloud management solutions to its repertoire, its marketing priorities have also shifted. In spite of these additions, CBI-X has constantly managed to adapt its planning and management of campaigns  for continued success.

The Client offers specialized services for its customers, which requires their marketing reps to wield extensive technical knowledge and grasp of their services. This knowledge and experience enabled the Client’s marketing team to effectively communicate the specific and unique value propositions to its target prospects. The Client’s recent expansion into the Australian  market meant another change for their collaboration with CBI-X. Since the expansion, the Client’s outbound activities have been redirected toward engaging new potential customers operating in this new market. To help ensure their successful entry into the Australian market, the Client decided to reach out once again to CBI-X.

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