Event Marketing

Boost event turnout and gain high-value leads from your event with our targeted event marketing services

Maximize check-ins and drive event ROI with our event marketing services

 We provide end-to-end event marketing support across all stages of your event – from campaign planning, pre-event promotion, up to the post-event follow-ups and nurturing. Using a combination of content, cross-channel outreach, and an array of marketing tools, we help you connect with the best contacts and prospects from your event.

Campaign Planning and Setup

We lay the foundation for the next event stages by setting up the resources, materials and tools needed to successfully carry out all event marketing activities.

Pre-event Promotion and Marketing

We help you build and position your event’s brand, and ensure high event turnout through personalized 1:1 outreach across multiple marketing channels. 

Post-event Nurturing and Conversion

Maintain your connection with the event attendees and contacts that matter. We perform targeted outreach after the event to qualify, nurture and convert prospects.  

Invite and meet your ideal customers

Focus your efforts on your ideal accounts. We help you identify and profile potential attendees with the greatest impact on your bottom line. When the right opportunity opens up, we can schedule meetings with prospects before, during or after the event.

Generate leads from your events

We work closely with your team to plan and execute both pre-event and post-event marketing activities. By engaging your target audience throughout the event cycle, we nurture and develop deep connections with your prospects and prepare them for the next stage of the sales cycle.

Leverage every channel. Connect with your future customers before your competitors do.

From the first touch point up the lead hand-off, our interactions with prospects take place across multiple marketing channels. This ensures that we get better reach rates which improves our chances of converting them into qualified leads and appointments.

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