Lead Generation Services

Attract prospects, nurture them, and drive more revenue with our lead generation services.

Help your sales sell more with qualified leads and appointments

CBI-X helps you empower your sales by arming them with the resources, materials, tools, and support needed to effectively engage prospects and convert them into customers.

Contacts Database

Make personalized connections with prospects using rich contact and company data.

Leads and Appointments

Close more deals faster. We hand off warm and qualified leads and appointments so that your reps can focus on selling.

Multi-channel Reach

Reach more customers. We engage in relevant and timely conversations across multiple channels.

Sales-optimized Tools

Nurture your leads and manage your appointments effectively using time-saving tools built for selling.

Connect with every person that impacts the purchase

Our lead generation process follows an account-based marketing approach. This means we connect with multiple decision-makers in an organization with messaging tailored to each contact’s role.

Accelerate sales by working together as one revenue team

Using rich lead profiles and by following solid qualification criteria, we are able to distinguish the leads with the best potential and ensure that your sales reps focus on the best quality leads and appointments.

Leverage every channel. Connect with your future customers before your competitors do.

From the first touch point up the lead hand-off, our interactions with prospects take place across multiple marketing channels. This ensures that we get better reach rates which improves our chances of converting them into qualified leads and appointments.

Sell More with HubSpot

Manage and nurture your leads and appointments and close deals faster with HubSpot's sales productivity tools.

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