5 Essential Strategies You Should Look for In a Lead Generation Company

Author: Kim T

Let’s say your company is planning to launch a new product, or your company is preparing for its grand opening. You’ve had everything figured out, from the logistics to the personnel, but you haven’t figured out one very big question yet. How are you going to attract customers to your brand?

This is where lead generation comes in. HubSpot says it is “the process of attracting and converting strangers into someone who has shown interest in your company’s product or service.” If you are a company looking to make great first impressions with your customers, or if you are aiming to expand into a new market, you have to be able to use lead generation techniques.

But let’s say you prefer reaching out to lead generation companies to help you reach your goals. It’s important to choose the lead generation company that matches your target customer to maximize your time and resources and minimize your costs. One aspect you can look at is the company’s strategy and process

A good part of an effective lead generation campaign takes place online. When choosing a lead generation company, you might note the different lead generation strategies they apply on the net.

Email Marketing

This is the oldest online marketing strategy, and there is a reason why it is still being used today. It’s still highly effective. In fact, according to Venture Harbour, it still “trumps the top spot on many B2B marketer’s lists of B2B lead generation strategies.”

Today, email marketing has also used marketing automation tools with great results. These automation tools connect you with your CRM and send highly targeted emails tailored specifically to your target prospects. Venture Harbour says that one company “increased its revenue by 832%” in just 3 years thanks to marketing automation tools.

Targeted Phone Marketing

Nope, we’re not talking about the old ways of bombarding your prospects with no-context calls. We’re talking about deeply personalized phone calls made at the right time with the intent to reinforce your other touchpoints from other channels like email or social.

Phone marketing (or its ill-famed name, telemarketing) might be looked upon these days but it still remains as one of the most effective channels for engaging and nurturing prospects, especially in B2B marketing.

Before partnering with an outsourced lead generation agency, one thing you should consider is their capability to make sales/marketing phone calls to nurture leads, and set appointments.

Content Marketing

Billions of people around the world are online, so it only makes sense to use these platforms for marketing. Brands today recognize the power of the internet to reach millions of people instantly. They have devised comprehensive content strategies meant to market their product to every person in a specific market or market segment. These content outputs range from social media posts, blog posts, infographics, and videos.

You might consider going for a lead generation company that is willing to diversify its content and to experiment with content that effectively engages with your target prospects.

Search Marketing

Search engines like Google also play a big part in generating leads. Businesses have taken advantage of the great reach of search engines by designing SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, campaigns.

SEO uses search engine results to raise the exposure of your brand to customers by increasing traffic to your website. The process is simple. When people type in keywords on Google, they see the link to your website on the first page. If they feel your website addresses their needs, they click the link. Repeat this process by a million or so, and you will potentially reach every member of your target market.

The key to an effective SEO campaign is not only understanding how search engines work, but also recognizing what people look for online. Part of this is knowing what they usually look for, and what words they usually use. Creating content that is tuned in to this knowledge is essential in achieving maximum visibility for your company online.

Social Media

Social media holds great potential in lead generation strategies. These platforms have the power to reach billions of people in a single moment. This power makes it very tempting to rely only on social media to generate leads. However, social media is a tricky platform to use because not every person is the same. You can’t just throw a bunch of content together and see what sticks. Companies have to design and craft a lead generation strategy that fits very well with the social media habits of the people in their target market. You also have to choose the right platform for your market.

In this case, you might consider lead generation companies that rely on social media sites like LinkedIn to generate their leads. People use LinkedIn to widen their professional network, and companies can, too. Lead generation companies who use social media to increase their presence online can also be useful. Keeping a company’s social media accounts active can also boost your lead generation, by keeping your followers engaged, and by adding more followers to your brand.

While there are other aspects to consider before choosing a lead generation company, you can begin making your choice by looking at their online marketing strategies. Lead generation companies that are able to take advantage of the tools presented by the internet can help you exceed your expectations and launch your growth. Choose wisely, and good luck!

Kim T

Kim T

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Kim T is a content marketer and a communications manager at CBI-X. She enjoys how interesting the marketing world has been ever since she joined in. “It’s changing so fast, ever challenging, we all got to keep up with the trends and reach out to as many customers as we can. Or your business dies!” With her interest in Business, Anthropology, and the Technology world, you would see how dynamic and critical her opinions towards marketing are. A very enthusiastic content marketer willing to share the newest B2B trends and best marketing strategies she can find.


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