3 Ways Phone Marketing Can Supercharge Your Lead Gen in 2020

Author: Kim T

Lead generation is one of the most vital functions of any business. New leads serve as the lifeblood of a company and support a business’s financial growth. Using an efficient lead generation channel ensures a steady flow of new clients.

These days, businesses have several channels they can use to generate leads. Some are tried and tested, while others are more experimental but still yield good results. One of the most tried and tested channels for lead generation is phone marketing.

For a long time, businesses have relied on phone marketing as an essential tool in reaching out to new and existing customers. It could convert prospects into leads, close sales, or up-sell to current customers. No matter the reason you employ this channel, telemarketing has worked, and that is why it continues to be used for many decades.

With various lead generation channels that are now available to the modern-day marketer, do people still respond to telemarketing as they did before?

Telemarketing still retains its position and effectiveness as a proven method to drive new sales and profits for businesses, and these three main arguments are the reasons why.

1. Maintains a Personal Touch

Even with all the different methods for generating leads such as email marketing, search engine optimization, and social media marketing, the modern-day marketer still needs to communicate on a human level to close a deal. This need for communication is true, especially for B2B markets where companies sign long-term contracts.

No company ever signs a deal without talking to a human being on the other end of the telephone. This makes telemarketing an integral part, not just in securing leads, but in converting them to actual sales.

2. Key to Lead Nurturing

Should you generate leads using other marketing methods, you would still need telemarketing to nurture those leads. Telemarketing helps you recognize your prospects’ needs and requirements, perform regular follow-ups during key conversion stages, and then finally close the deal by talking your way through the finish line.

3. Evolved to Fit Our Modern Need

Telemarketing has grown beyond calls and product marketing. It is now an effective avenue in creating brand awareness, getting customer feedback, enhancing customer experience, improving customer engagement, encouraging loyalty, and increasing customer retention.

These new and evolved telemarketing functions will always have a place in the modern business world.


Phone marketing is a simple marketing tool. But combined with a larger lead generation channel, it can be a powerhouse in acquiring more leads and customers. An effective marketing plan in today’s modern world mostly uses digital marketing, telemarketing, and offline marketing together to identify more prospects and convert more.

Kim T

Kim T

Content and Communications

Kim T is a content marketer and a communications manager at CBI-X. She enjoys how interesting the marketing world has been ever since she joined in. “It’s changing so fast, ever challenging, we all got to keep up with the trends and reach out to as many customers as we can. Or your business dies!” With her interest in Business, Anthropology, and the Technology world, you would see how dynamic and critical her opinions towards marketing are. A very enthusiastic content marketer willing to share the newest B2B trends and best marketing strategies she can find.


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